Wobby #30

Wobby is a Dutch thematic, Risograph printed, independent magazine, published four times a year by Wobby.club

Wobby.club is the platform for autonomous illustration, visual art, and literature in the Netherlands. It was established in 2015 by a small group of artists rooted in the absurdist tradition in the Southern Netherlands. Wobby.club organises the risoprinted quarterly Wobby, the two-week course To Riso or Not, the Wobby Workout, and many more projects.

Wobby #30 - Overgrown

Wobby #30 - Overgrown | “Too much sometimes is just enough,” says upcoming illustrator Elijah White (CA). For him and eighteen other artists of this moment, Wobby once again serves as a free playground. Wobby #30’s theme is ‘Overgrown’. Floral motifs cannot gloss over a sense of urgency.
Artists of Wobby #30, Overgrown

Bernadeta Rimutyte (LT/NL), Carlyn Westerink (NL), Chloé Bertron (FR), Dick Verdult (NL/ES), Elijah James White (CA), Fynn van der Ziel (NL), Inga Cendrowicz (PL), Joost Pollmann (NL), Jooyoung Kim (DE), Klaas Rommelaere (BE), Lala Albert (US), Manik Sarkar (NL), Noa Zuidervaart (NL), Patrick Kyle (CA), Rachel Cannings (UK), Radek Górniak (PL/NL), Sander Ettema (NL), Shiwen Sven Wang (DE), Trijntje van de Wouw (NL)

Cover by Chloé Bertron (FR)

Centrefold & limited edition print by Patrick Kyle (CA)

dimensions: 17 x 25 cm
pages: 40
language: English
Risograph printed
edition: 550