Wisdom Display Cards

The School of Life (Author)

A set of twenty cards exploring what it really means to be wise, and how we can strive to become more enlightened in our everyday lives.

Quotes from the cards:

‘The wise have made their peace with the yawning gap between how they would ideally be and what they are actually like. They are not ashamed of themselves, and, therefore, don’t have to lie or dissemble in front of others.’
- On Self-Acceptance

‘The wise are, first and foremost, ‘realistic’ about how difficult many things will be. Knowing that something difficult is being attempted doesn’t rob the wise of ambitions, but it makes them more steadfast, calmer and less prone to panic about the problems that will invariably come their way.’
- On Realism

'The wise take seriously the business of laughing at themselves. They hedge their pronouncements; they are sceptical in their conclusions. Their certainties are not as brittle as those of others.'
- On Folly

Twenty cards with sustainably sourced FSC beech wood stand in box
Published by The School of Life (2018)
22.0 x 15.8 x 2.5 cm