Wild Alchemy Journal #4 Air Edition

Wild Alchemy Lab is a multi-sensory resource for seekers, makers and imaginators.

This augmented-reality journal is formed from a global collective of artists, academic researchers and occult practitioners, whose transdisciplinary practice explores nature, science and esoterica at the intersection of plants, planets and people.

Alchemy is the art of transforming the basic elements of our existence into a unified field that is aligned with nature and the cosmos. It is an incremental process of recalibration that supports and informs how we are able to digest our experiences and consciously navigate the future.

We take up the macro-microcosmic vision of the Hermetic axiom ‘as above, so below’ – everything in the universe is interrelated; nothing exists in isolation. By observing this phenomenon, we are able to work towards diffusing the myth of separation.

Wild Alchemy Journal , Issue 4 - Air Edition

72 pages
Large Format: 335 x 245 mm
Lithographic print, recycled and carbon neutral
Fold-out art print poster on biodegradable laminate
Numbered, limited edition