When Mino Took The Bus

"Ciraolo's pastel-hued story finds Mino sharing the journey to the last bus stop with an array of fun animal characters and features fabulous woodland drawings." -- The Observer

Turning eight weeks old is no ordinary feat, when you are a chipmunk. It’s time to say goodbye to mama and set out alone towards what lies ahead.

When the day comes for little Mino to leave, he gives his mama a kiss and excitedly gets on a bus. The bus will take him to his future home, where he will plant his seeds and watch them grow. Mino is impatient for his new life to begin and his bus journey to be over. As the bus stops and a new passenger boards, Mino begins to meet new friend after new friend, each who show him something he never knew before. As his trip draws to an end, Mino might just discover that the journey counts just as much as the destination.