What's That, Jack?

Two curious animals have a remarkable adventure with a strange object that changes with the landscape then flies back into the sky—they don’t know what it was, but what a day they had!

This bright and funny book is a game of twists and turns, with a joyful refrain and vivid artwork to capture every toddler’s imagination. It encourages interactive reading by inviting toddlers and preschoolers to join in with the energetic catchphrase, "I don't know, George!" as call and response on every page.

Cédric Ramadier studied at the Camberwell College of Arts in London, before moving to Paris to work as an art director, graphic designer, editor, and author. He has written a number of popular French children's books. Vincent Bourgeau lives in Marseilles, France, where he works fulltime as a children's book illustrator. Together they have published nearly 50 children's books.

Translated from the French edition by Antony Shugaar.