We Are Makers #8

We are Makers celebrates the remarkable world of crafting, we bring you an exquisite collection of artisans from across the globe, each with their own fascinating story to tell.

We Are Makers embraces a more editorial direction for their Eighth Edition, featuring 12 exceptional makers honing their crafts in different parts of the world.

From Wisconsin, USA, Cecilia Schiller cranks up interest in the traditional art of automata – ‘an analogue world of wonder’.

In Leeds, UK, printmaker Gareth Barnes finds creative satisfaction in his unique works on paper, with inspiration from his ‘spindly whippet’.

Over in Abruzzo, Italy, sculptor-turned-woodcarver Giorgio Romani finds a deep connection with his material, sharing his skills with through one-to-one tuition.

And from the music-rich heritage of Mississippi, USA, Jordan Swindoll made a single snare drum that sounded so good, musicians are now lining up for his custom-made kits.

Plus…eight more inspiring makers’ stories waiting to unfold.