People about Material Cultures.

VISIONS BY is a knowledge platform with an annual magazine that addresses the different perspectives on materiality and material cultures from a critical and speculative research focus. It aims at generating awareness through materials beyond their physical properties and at considering materials as a new entitled discipline emerging from a design context.

Materials are inevitably linked to the evolution of humanity: they award identity, build heritage, and project futures. We focus on this social impact and perception of materials and the importance of materials in activating and dynamizing cultures and socioeconomic systems.

With annual presentations and participative performances by rising and consolidated designers, Visions By magazine issues are conformed by a curated eclectic mix of articles, photographic essays, interviews and case studies, englobing the different forms of understanding and exercising the material in a design context.

Creative Direction: Saúl Baeza

Editors-in-chief: Saúl Baeza, Laura Clèries
Publisher: Onomatopee
Promoter: Elisava Research
Designer: Oficina de disseny (Diego Bustamante, Ariadna Serrahima)

VISIONS BY Issue No. 3 is conceptually organized around a spiral, representing the distance that the featured content presents in relation to the human body. From “deep” to “under” we find Dr. Naomi’s surgical work and understandings. Going from “under” to “between” Sara Bastai explores the relationship between objects and bodies and all the way around. Arriving at “on” we find Carlos Sáez and his Techno no aware hardware. Passing from “on” towards the unknown “?”, Luca Dobry presents a future sameness. From the “?” to the ununderstandable we have Riccardo Badano’s naturing borders and Toni Navarro’s proposals and challenges for a planetary politics, what a future to be alive in.

VISIONS BY Issue No. 3 features an evolution from its previous format and structure, just as Issue No. 4 and upcoming and future issues will. They are meant to mutate, seeking the best way to explore their self-contained content. Again, there is no specific theme per issue, no specific profile, no specific reader. Our contributors are selected in order to help us understand the cultural implications of materials and their infinite meanings. VISIONS BY people, about Material Cultures.

VISIONS BY Issue No. 3 – Contents

Proposals and Challenges for Planetary Politics
Toni Navarro

Naturing Borders
Riccardo Badano

Future Sameness: The Techno-Communist Drive in Luxury
Luca Dobry

Tecnho no Aware
Carlos Saéz

Bodies as Objects, Objects as Bodies
Sara Bastai

The Fetishisation of “Natural” is Old News
Dr. Naomi

About the editors:
Saúl Baeza is DOES Creative Director, VISIONS BY Founder and Editor-in-chief, VIBE content director and Understanding Design curator. While lecturing at Elisava Barcelona University of Design and Engineering he also researches functional and digital identities with the "Future Everyday" Research Group (TU Eindhoven Research) and "Futures Now" Research Group (Elisava Research). He has been visiting professor and lecturer at international universities, educational institutions and cultural venues such as Central Saint Martins and London College of Communication (UAL), Institute for advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), RMIT University Melbourne, Pascual Bravo University in Medellín (Colombia), Sónar+D, Victoria&Albert Museum, CCCB and DHUB, among others.

Laura Clèries is a designer, strategic design researcher, editor and curator in transformative innovation through design research-led strategic foresight and with an additional focus on materials. She holds a PhD and an extensive international academic and work experience in industry (Klockner Implants, Zara Home), academia (UoL, NYU, UAlabama, UToronto, IED, Elisava) and Think Tanks (Pantone Colour Planner, WGSN). Her recent work is addressed at generating content and strategies at international level through management of public and business research projects that bring actionable growth, and through the curation of events and exhibitions (Materiality, Zoom in Design, Design Does, Design Attitudes, Future Woods), conferences (TEDx, Understanding Design, Madrid Design Festival) and publications (Visions By magazine, Temes de Disseny design research journal). She is currently professor and Design Research Director at ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering, as well as director of the Master in Design through New Materials.

80 pgs, 18 × 12.5 cm, Softcover, 2022, 9789493148765