Violet #8

Leaving Lula after eight successful years of publishing, Leith Clark and her team of female icons launched Violet in Spring 2014.

Uniting internationally established women in the fashion and creative communities, Violet invites the most talented and highly sought-after female photographers, stylists, editors, artists and writers in the world to collaborate and make each issue of Violet a landmark.

Violet, a natural progression for Leith Clark’s team, celebrates women, their curiosity, femininity, and style. Violet isn’t just a fashion magazine. It’s a place to discover and grow, to learn from and to celebrate each other. The writing will be an on-going dialogue between iconic women and notables of fashion, cinema and art. The quality of the writing and imagery will allow for a unique engagement with its readership of established professional women.

Violet - Issue 18

“I think for many generations, women have felt guilty because our methods of working, of creating, are often more led by emotion. It’s less brain-led. And in our movie, the woman has to accept actually, no, I can and I will do it my own way. I will find my own story in my own way and in my own time. It’s such a strong message, I think, and the right time to speak about this." Vicky Krieps, actress.

“I relish challenging people’s perceptions and misconceptions around the life of an athlete and a boxer’s appearance and physique.” Ramla Ali, professional Boxer and model.