Victory Journal #18

Victory Journal is a print and digital publication devoted to the intersection of sport and culture. Rather than engage in statistical analysis or partisan squabbling, Victory spotlights the drama of sport and the enduring glory of athletic pursuits the world over.

Calling on an elite roster of like-minded contributors, Victory provides a forum for work that is unapologetically enthusiastic and uncompromisingly human. Through extensive reporting, probing personal essays, award-winning photography, illustration, and original films and animations, Victory embraces both classic storytelling methods and those just beginning to emerge.

Victory Journal’s extra-sized 10th anniversary issue explores the multifaceted concept of “Trials.” The issue bounces around the world, jumping from the story of a scientist-turned-pinball-champion in the Bay, to a patchwork oral history of London-based athletes with deferred (and quite possibly canceled) Olympic dreams, to a gory celebration of rattlesnake wrangling in the small town of Sweetwater, Texas.

Victory Journal #18 also looks at the high-stakes world of bike racing in Japan, small town rugby traditions in the UK, the rise of the next great soccer superstar Deyna Castellanos, the dangerous lives of the coast guard rescue team at the mouth of the Pacific Ocean, the pastel-hued, soft focus gymnastics paintings of Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi, and much more.