Vague New World #3

Vague New World is a magazine published by Plato's House.

At Plato's House, clothes are not adornments; they are imbued with a clear set of ideas and a rationale that reflects contemporary life. In the spirit of fashion show notes, the concepts are laid bear and explained to the audience using straightforward language (a major failure of contemporary).

They serve as containers for ideas, facilitating a dialogue between the conceptual and the visual. Plato's House believes that form is cheap, and art for art's sake is not enough; it's meaningful purpose in 2023 lies in utilising aesthetic form to propel ideas forward in a democratic and inclusive way. By embracing this philosophy, Plato's House seeks to redefine the boundaries of art, embracing the unique power of clothes, print and music to engage with and challenge our understanding of ourselves and the world we inhabit.

Four themes define the Vague New World and much of what is discussed within the magazine:

1. Commodification of Life
2. Immersion in the Digital World
3. The Reconfiguration of Fact & Fiction (Reality)
4. The Ambiguous Role of Spirituality in Western Culture