Vagina Nomics #2

A feminist platform de-stigmatising pleasure through art and design. Vagina Nomics produce a biannual magazine, organise events and bring together like-minded artists from a variety of disciplines. They attempt to normalise the conversation around taboo subjects such as sex life, sexual health, body positivity, female empowerment and gender equality.

Through a variety of thought-provoking articles created by leading feminist authors and collaborating with a variety of creatives, the journal gives voice to those who feel ashamed of discussing pleasure in public, yet are eager to communicate their opinions about sex, period, nudity, identity etc. Bridging the gap between biology and public perception and show that sex is private but nothing to be ashamed of.

Vagina-nomics Issue #2 is focused on the theme of gender and the relationships between masculinity and femininity. It uncovers the historical context of how the stereotypes were developed, talks about the naming of genders and what such classification is forcing us to do.