Uppercase #36

UPPERCASE is a quarterly print magazine inspired by craft, design and illustration. A playful exploration of creativity, an affinity for vintage ephemera, and a love of handmade are some elements common in each issue. The magazine boasts high-quality paper and printing, a unique design aesthetic and incredible attention to detail.

Issue 36 - JANUARY / FEBRUARY / MARCH 2018

A new year offers all the possibilities of a clean slate. It’s the first page in a blank journal: ready for you to create art, write a book, plan that business or record your adventures. It can be exciting, but daunting as well. The resolutions of years past (along with our failures, false starts and changes of plans) come to the fore. How can we do better this year? How can we bebetter this year?

Resolving to be creative every day is an excellent pledge to make. If you dedicate a little bit of time and effort into nurturing your creativity, you will improve your skills and your well-being. As we learn from other UPPERCASE readers who have attempted 365 and 100-day projects, there’s really nothing to lose. You don’t have to publicly share your efforts (though there is a lot to be said for accountability), nor does it have to be a daily practice (though the momentum is helpful). The most important thing is to simply try

Every blank page and every day is an opportunity. Go ahead and try.

-Janine Vangool
publisher / editor / designer