Umber #2

Focusing on creative culture, design, visual arts, forward-thinking ideas and the beauty of randomness, Umber is bi-annual printed publication that provides a space for creative thinkers and doers to engage; a catalog of unique perspectives, nuanced world views and visual ideas.



What happens when people or things that were once separate become close and eventually connected? They touch; they engage; they converse; they create. What energy is exchanged?  What happens to the space that was once between them? 

In our sophomore Issue Two, we wanted to take a different approach to this conversation. Not just the romantic or the emotional, but the ethereal, misunderstood and weird aspects of relationships. In this issue, we curated 15+ contributors to give introspective conversations on the tactile aspects of relationships.

Nominated for Stack Magazines’ 2018 STACK AWARD, BEST USE OF ULLUSTRATION