Turn & Shake Dual Nightlight Alarm Clock

Mooas comes from ‘mooa’ the Korean word for the beautiful people shining like the morning rainbow.

With "Smart & Simple" as a slogan, Mooas is a business that designs, manufactures and sells home decoration items, small appliances and mobile accessories in high quality and excellent design.

Inspired from the cutting edge of bamboo, the Turn & Shake Dual Nightlight Alarm Clock is very unique and a must-have edgy design.

It's a smart and stylish space saving way to have a clock and a light at the same time either on your bedside or office table, or even simply fancy a nice travel light and clock.  

When used as an alarm clock, the Edge Light Alarm Clock is very easy to use and set up thanks to its great ergonomic design.

Powered by in-built rechargeable battery (USB charging adapter lead included), the Turn & Shake Dual Nightlight Alarm Clock is featured two alarms with shake snooze and dimmable soft screen light, so you can nicely see the time at night when needed whilst not disturbing your sleep. To turn off the alarm, just simply flip it over and it will instantly turn itself into a warm soft and cosy dimmable ambient light.  

The Turn & Shake Dual Nightlight Alarm Clock designed and manufactured by Gingko reflects their design ethos and commitment to modern, functional yet stylish and great design..

    Material : ABS, PC
    Weight : 159g
    Size : Ø80 x 94 mm (D x H)
    Power : Micro 5-pin USB cable (Included)
    Rated Input : 5V / 1A
    Power Consumption : Clock : Max 0.01W / Nightlight : Max 0.53W
    Battery Capacity : 1200mAh