THIIIRD is a new biannual print publication celebrating: Intersectionality, Cultural Heritage & Diversity in fashion, arts and society.

Essentially concerned with identity politics and diversity, the magazine is split into three sections: Mind, Body and Soul. Within these sections, THIIIRD offers a range of informative interviews, fashion editorials, and personal essays presenting critical explorations and transformative ways of understanding.

Issue 6

The Body Movements issue investigates intersectionality within sport in three core parts: Utopian Arenas, Eyes on the Prize, and Beyond Sports.

Across these sections, we dissect questions of accessibility, gender, race, disability, mental health, community and self-development in detailed conversation with fourteen incredible athletes; each bringing a unique and insightful perspective to their discipline.

This issue is packed full of vibrant, playful editorials and powerful personal pieces — with representation of marginalised voices, as always, placed at the fore.