The Wow #4

Welcome to the worlds of fascinating Asian women

The Wow is the first women's magazine profiling accomplished, powerful and stylish Asian women. It honours the achievements of each featured individual, allowing them to see themselves in a different light.

Issue4 - Beauty

The Beauty Issue

This is another issue was made under the stay-at-home UK lockdown orders. We were overwhelmed by the support, kindness and help we have received from all of our extraordinary contributors, and you, the reader, during this difficult time.

In this issue,  we explore what BEAUTY means to the individual. Is beauty defined by appearance or does it reflect deeper self? The conversations we have about beauty today are changing – and so are the people we see representing it. As we aim and move towards a more inclusive media standard, we looked within ourselves and the world around us for inspiration, perspective and a new understanding.

208 pages content without any advertisement.  Printed in the United Kingdom.