The Weekender #38

The Weekender in a nutshell is all about lifestyle - from telling stories about people to places. The Weekender is an independent magazine full of stories relating to living, traveling, eating, handicrafts and nature.

The Weekender Magazine Issue 38

Summer 2022, 132 pages, 13 Euro plus shipping. This is the fifth issue of The Weekender, that is available in german and english language.
London, Athens, Sydney, Brussels, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Sicily, Den Bosch, Cannes

From the content

How We Live
Stephanie Oberg and Simon Homes live and work in an old house in the London
district of Dalston. Here, they design fashion that combines casual style with
natural roots.

House of Glass
A few kilometers from the center of Sydney, a family lives in an architectdesigned
glass-walled house from the 1950s in which indoors and outdoors merge into one.

The New Ice Age
From beach vacations to cocktail bars, ice cubes and summer are inseparable
companions. An exploration of the cultural history of ice. Plus how to make crystal-clear ice cubes at home.

Pretty Hôtels
In this series Robert Kittel, founder of Pretty Hôtels, presents very special hotels
and favorite places to stay. This time: enchanting bed and breakfasts near the beach.

Wool and the Gang
A herd of sheep on the outskirts of Brussels was Pauline Dornat’s inspiration for
a project forging a connection between traditional wool weaving and a diverse local community.