The Shining: A Visual and Cultural Haunting

The Shining: a visual and cultural haunting is an immersive, multi-dimensional examination of one of the most infamous films in cinematic history. this loose-leafed and beautifully boxed book-disguised as the 'writing project' jack is typing throughout the course of the film-explores the film's cultural legacy through exclusive essays, original recollections, contributions from cultural luminaries, and art and visual ephemera.

Rare, exclusive interviews with lead actors Shelley Duvall (Wendy Torrance) and Dan Lloyd (Danny Torrance), along with a wealth of contributors including Cosey Fanni Tutti, Margaret Howell, James Lavelle (Unkle), Gavin Turk and John Grindrod re-examine the film through the lenses of music, art, mythology, fashion, gender, and more.

Stanley Kubrick was renowned for his rigorous research which inspired our own approach. we will be republishing and reprinting numerous rare texts read by the director in preparation for the production.

The book also focuses a contemporary lens on the film to readdress an apparent gap in critique from the perspectives of women, mental illness, domestic abuse and domestic violence. the overlook edition extras include: the overlook hotel carpet lining, the maze poster, room 237 engraved key fob replica.