The Rolling Home Journal #2

The Rolling Home is a quarterly print publication celebrating alternative living. Created by those who choose to travel & live in camper-vans and vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

The Rolling Home Journal documents stories, interviews, artwork, images, technical knowledge and advice. Helping to connect a community with a shared passion for adventure.

Issue two includes - Tiny homes in Belgium and cycling to the Sahara, tales of Australian caravan parks and the most incredible overland truck build you will ever see (plus much more) This issue is a testament to how varied the alternative living community is.

Contributors -

Zach Altman - James Bowden & Hannah Stocks - Tracy Creasey - Tom de Dorlodot & Sofia Piñeiro - Laura Martinez Donet & Gabriel Mojon- Andrew groves- Suvi Höyden & Antti Peltonen - William Head - Bobby Mills- Simone Monticelli & Lucia Gambelli - Kathleen Morton - Mark Nicholson - Sara Nygern - Hanna Puskarz & Zach Groves- Vicki Turner - Andrew Wightman - Maddison Araceli Willmott & Kaasam Aziz - Samantha Zim & Various authors.