The Recorder Magazine #5

The original Monotype magazine, redesigned and re-imagined. Featuring 100+ pages on typography and graphic design, exploring type’s role in a wider cultural context.

In the fifth issue The Recorder go back to basics, to rediscover how type is an essential tool of expression for brands, and also leap forward into the future to see how virtual reality and augmented environments are taking type into the 3D realm.

There’s a chance to revisit the four-decade long career of graphic design titan Paula Scher, and delve into David Rudnick’s unique approach to type. We also see how Google’s Noto typeface is preserving almost-lost languages, question whether typography belongs in museums, explore how Instagram is playing an essential role for lettering artists, and celebrate the power of type-only book covers and the ways women’s movements have co-opted graphic design.

With illustrations by Braulio Amado and Matt Chase.

Issue 5 contributors:

Legend, Paula Scher

Journalist, Theo Inglis

Letterer, Gemma O’Brien

Maverick, David Rudnick

Illustrator, Matt Chase

TypographHer, Nicole Phillips

Writer, Angela Riechers

Illustrator, Braulio Amado

Editor: Emma Tucker

Art Director: Luke Tonge