The Rainbow Book

The Rainbow Book is a collection of essays and illustrations devoted to the rainbow and colour spectra, analysing the meaning of colour (both physical and metaphysical) from antiquity to the modern era.

It is an encyclopaedia of the cultural and artistic manifestations of the rainbow: in myth, magical thinking and painting, as well as in engravings and poems. The book includes poems by Virgil, Dante, Blake, Keats, Wordsworth and others; paintings by Giotto, Bosch, Van der Weyden, Dürer, Rubens, Blake, Turner, Constable and Church; and images from the sacred art of Tibet.

The book is printed on pages of different colours, following the spectrum of the rainbow, and covers increasingly complex concepts, from the most accessible to the most erudite.
The reprint accompanies the exhibition "Rainbow. Colors and Wonders between Myths, Arts and Science" exhibition at the MUDEC in Milan in 2023, and the publication of the first issue of MUdec United devoted to it.