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The Preserve Journal #4

A seasonal and independent magazine dedicated to the exploration of a more responsible, transparent, and sustainable food culture. Through it, we explore an alternative way of life: one filled with curiosity, honesty, and a lot of love, one that is a powerful form of activism in itself.

Issue no 4

  • A moment with Sandor Katz by Kathe Kaczmarzyk
  • Going wild: A story about an old estate, nature restoration, and turtle doves by Imogen Smith
  • Reconstructing Greece by Ashley Parsons
  • In conversation with Michael Twitty: Reclaiming Black culinary traditions and their rightful place as the foundation of modern America by Will Dorman
  • Spring and summer delights: Recipes for vegetables in season by Abra Berens
  • Talking about oysters, salinity, and the ocean’s mercy by Jovana Djak
  • Wine in Brazil by Lis Cereja
  • Along a bowl of tomatoes by Emmy Laura Perez Fjalland
  • Water, food, and sustainable development: Creating new awareness on the most precious resource on Earth by Marta Antonelli
  • Language, food, and the Universal by Lorenzo Barbasetti di Prun
  • In conversation with Anaïs Hazo: Fermentation collaboration – A new way of feeling by Julka Almquist
  • The Microbiologist vol IV, DNA sequencing: A crash course by Ane Brødsgaard
  • The sparrow that turned salmon: Unveiling the systems that govern food through art by L. Sasha Gora
  • Potatoes under the midnight sun by Kristofer Coffman