The Preserve Journal #1

Issue no 1 features; - Matthew Orlando, Head Chef and owner of Amass Restaurant on running a responsible restaurant. - Pascal Baudar on Creating novel, earth-friendly dishes through Foraging. - Katrina Blair on her love for weeds, fighting herbicide practices and bringing hope for the bees. - Kathe Kaczmarzyk on going Beyond Fermentation.

The Preserve Journal is an independent print magazine dedicated to the exploration of a more responsible, transparent and sustainable food culture. Through it, we advocate an alternative way of life: one filled with curiosity, honesty, and a lot of love, one that is a powerful form of activism in itself. 

Here in Preserve, we believe that fermenting, foraging, and living with the seasons, as well as learning from each other offer concrete resistance to the homogenized, industrialized and capitalistic structures that predominate today’s food culture. Ours is a magazine published independently and without advertisement and through it we wish to take a closer, deeper and more honest look at our food industry, our actions, and their impacts.

Our aim is to embrace as many exciting, diverse and inspiring perspectives and voices as possible. By doing so we hope to create a channel for a curious, diverse and intimate exploration of a more sustainable, responsible and transparent food culture.

For The Preserve Journal, we have joined forces with experts from different backgrounds who all contribute to this magazine with their unique knowledge.

We have teamed up with acclaimed chefs, bio-dynamic farmers, biologists, poets, urban gardeners, writers, responsible restaurants, public health experts, anthropologists, artists, travelers, wildlife experts, initiators, and environmental activists. And together we create and present The Preserve Journal!

We have zero advertisements, are independently published and responsibly printed. We don't have any big investors- what we have is passion, hard work and a lot of love for good food!