The Moon and Stars Can Be Yours

The Moon and Stars Can Be Yours is a pocket-sized guide to modern mysticism by way of the New York City subway system. This collection of writing and photography by Magali Duzant includes a short history of psychics in our popular imagination and more than a dozen vignettes about her foray into new age beliefs, alongside a curious collection of artifacts and archival images from the New York Public Library Picture Collection.

The book follows Duzant on a freewheeling investigation into the rise of contemporary spiritualism in an age of uncertainty. Each chapter is presented in the form of an unanswerable question—Will I find happiness? Is there luck in my future? Will I find love that lasts?—and meanders into the murky world of palm readings and impromptu sauna astrology sessions, to name a few.

The Moon and Stars Can Be Yours: Notes on Subway Psychics includes a holographic cover, a selection of the colorful psychic fliers found on the subway, and in the back of each book, a scratch-off fortune card awaits the reader.

      Published by
Conveyor Editions,
    17.5 × 11 cm, Softcover, 9781950401901