The Lightbook #3

The Lightbook is a monthly lightbox zine.

This zine is intended as a drawing aide for the traditional lightbox - a welcoming, effective and exciting draftsman’s tool that is unfortunately becoming an increasingly disregarded object in studios around the world. 

Let’s keep that soft glow alive. Inside you will find various people, objects, foliage and cats at standard architectural scales that you can simply trace into your own drawings. The drawings in The Lightbook are considered neutral of gender, age or ethnicity and are completely open to interpretation.

  • An architectural drawing aide for the traditional lightbox
  • 25 pages, 40 architecturally scaled traceable drawings
  • Individually hand-numbered zines

“Though many designers today spend their working hours immersed in computer drawing programs, few would deny that hand-drawn work still holds a unique beauty. The traditional lightbox as a drafting tool has become sadly scarce in the modern architectural practice, but architecture graduate Tom Williams hopes to encourage more people to utilize them once again with his monthly zine, The Lightbook.

With the glow of a lightbox, architects and designers can trace directly from the zine a variety of people, objects, vegetation, and even cats at standard architectural scales for a simple way to add character and interest to any drawing. The versatile figures are considered free of gender, age, or ethnicity and instead, are open to the users’ interpretation.”

Tom bases his drawings on photographs he’s taken or else found on the internet for commercial use and will even include drawings of any readers who donate to the not-for-profit project.