The Interviews: Volume One

The Brand Identity exists to empower and support the graphic design industry.

We write articles, deliver news, create content, design products and collaborate with designers and brands to inspire and inform creativity through graphic design.

We take pride in valuing quality over quantity and do not believe that only the latest matters; instead we hope our platforms act as a resource for everyone interested in the graphic design of the past, present and future.

The Interviews: Volume One documents The Brand Identity’s first 57 interviews with designers and studios from all around the world; including the original conversation as well as a new reflection on how their work, process and practice has evolved.

Featuring interviews from 2015-2018 with COLLINS, DesignStudio, Vrints-Kolsteren, DIA, Fuzzco, Spin, PORTO ROCHA and many more, the book also includes four new interviews with Actual Source, SocioDesign, StudioSmall and Soft Power.

In line with its archival nature, it is wrapped in a removable transparent PVC jacket in an attempt to further the lifespan of the book as well as the interviews found within.

Size: 107mm x 180mm

Pages: 344

Publisher: The Brand Identity

Design: Studio Ground Floor

Typefaces: Dinamo

Paper: OLIN by Antalis