The Haptic Way A Handbook For Practice

Haptic Architects Ltd (Author), Emma Keyte (Editor)

The studio's first monograph focuses on the way that Haptic practice rather than the projects they make, and is intended to be a manual for future Hapticians as well as others setting up a creative business.

As much an event as a book, it documents a series of five workshops and activities, held over a period of six months and covering Haptic's business, design method, workplace, culture and networks.

The Haptic Way begins with a masterclass by business entrepreneur John Brown, who asks some difficult questions about the shape of the practice and the founders' transition 'from lively teenagers to healthy adults'.

A series of photo essays, curated by the practice, chart Haptic's design approach. It takes a quantitative measure of the workplace through maps and infographics, with the same questions then answered qualitatively in a series of creative tasks undertaken by the Hapticians themselves.

Finally, six interviews with peers, collaborators, clients and friends uncover more about the importance of connections - and the challenge and delight of solving big design problems with small practice spirit.

Haptic describe making the book as being a little like opening the kitchen drawer, so it has been designed so that its inner workings are also on show. Bound by Swiss bookbinders Bubu, the exposed spine is stitched with a rainbow of threads

Edited by Emma Keyte
Printed and bound by Bubu
Repro by Wolfau Druck

Paper back, Thread Bound
Published by Haptic Architects (2019)
ISBN 9781527240896
19 x 14 x 5 cm