The Fence Brexit Special

The Fence is a satirical look at politics, culture, class and London life. This issue is a Brexit Special, 68 pages printed in black and gold, sporting a natty passport-blue cover.

Taking our cues from The Face, Viz and Eros, we have looked to create a new satirical PRINT magazine that focuses entirely on life in London; something that can create the energy that Private Eye brought to the scene in the 1960s.
Written under pseudonyms, we have emphasised that quality writing is what people want today, and so we have many of the leading young pens pledged to the cause - historians, novelists and members of the clergy.
Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, we have Jane Austen as our agony aunt, Patrick Bateman as our restaurant critic and Flann O'Brien as our Westminster correspondent.
The Brexit Special is more of a serious venture for us, though we have included some of our trademark trivial treats as well.