The Face #4.13

The Face is a British music, fashion, and culture monthly magazine originally published from 1980 to 2004, and relaunched in 2019. It was first launched in May 1980 in London by Nick Logan, the British journalist who had previously been editor of New Musical Express and Smash Hits.

Volume 4. Issue 13 - Hard times birth new ideas.


Jenna Ortega, Alex Cooper, Ethel Cain, Skillibeng, Tyroe Muhafidin, Varg2tm, Mowalola, River Moon, Ayegy, Izzy Spears, Iceboy Violet, Deto Black, Babymorocco, Georgia from Jockstrap, Goth Jafar, and more people you’ve never heard of.

Plus What’s hot and what’s not, what’s shrinking and what’s inflating, what goths eat and what they don’t, who has fangs and who doesn’t, and an interview with the hand from The Addams Family (you heard).