The European Review of Books Europe Special

The European Review of Books is a magazine of culture and ideas, in English and in a writer’s own tongue. They publish book-length print issues three times a year, and digital pieces each week.

No review of books reviews only books, nor does it merely review. They publish many kinds of writing: fiction, travelogue, provocation, parody, poem, come what may. In general they champion the essayistic mode.

A good essay is the antidote to the measly opinion, the enemy of the airy platitude. They want avenues to the arcane, the profane, the grand.

In this issue: 

The Europe Special 2024, adorned with the Europe-maps created for the ERB by the architect Rem Koolhaas and designer, Patrick Doan.

It arrives on the occasion of the European elections, but transcends that occasion, too. The ERB exists to thicken the European intellectual atmosphere, and they have gathered some thickening agents: the best writing on Europe from our first five issues. This includes, alongside newer forays, Issue One’s foundational essays, because they still ring true. (It’s also a chance for readers who missed our sold-out first issue—now, dare we say it, a collector’s item).

Essays on Europa & the bull (the oldest myth in the European book), on the EU going to church, on Eurovision’s greatest loser, on the enduring puzzle of who will speak europeén, on Curzio Malaparte’s disintegrated Europe, and on the €0-bill that an editor keeps always in his wallet.