The Entrepreneurs #5

Entrepreneurs - Issue #05

Smell a gap in the market? Look no further. ‘The Entrepreneurs’ is your guide to the people who have taken the leap and struck out on their own, from the club kids reinventing nightlife to the fashion brands with a simple recipe for success. Ready to join their ranks? This is where you should start.

At the front

  • Editor’s Letter: Our editor in chief, Andrew Tuck, on why now is the time to launch that new endeavour.
  • Bright ideas: Businesses require bold ideas to survive and thrive. Here we survey some of the smarter strategies and innovations that have helped entrepreneurs around the world to get ahead.
The people who are doing business better
  • Top 25 entrepreneurs: part oneWant to take the leap and strike out on your own with a new business? Then take inspiration from 25 of the brightest entrepreneurs in industries ranging from publishing to interior design – leaders who know the way, go the way and show the way for others who want to enrich the world.
  • Top 25 entrepreneurs: part twoHailing the business founders who are not only making their mark in their own industries but on the world as a whole. Meet the 25 brightest and best.
  • Insider knowledge: There’s no single formula for running a successful business but entrepreneurship serves up moments of insight and true discovery. Here, those at the top of their fields share what they have learnt, from the importance of harvesting opinions to the need to build brand loyalty.
  • From the ground up: Your business need not be the result of a sudden brainwave. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race. We speak to four company leaders about how on-the-ground experience is often invaluable to future ventures, whether it’s tracking cheetahs or learning to love old buildings.
Culture & design
  • Club rules: After surviving the financial blow of the pandemic, the night-time economy is finally swinging back to life. We visit three venues that are leading the charge and meet the entrepreneurs behind them.
  • King of the mild frontier: Kozo Futagi thought he’d spotted a gap in the Japanese market: log cabins as affordable second homes. But he’s had to roll in a different direction – when people move in, they stay put.
  • Port of call: Once regarded with a wary eye, France’s second city is turning its shady reputation on its head by luring investment and enterprise to its lively start-up scene, low rents and incomparable energy. As Marseille most definitely opens for business, we drop by to find out what all the noise is about.
  • Better by degrees: The latest cohort of design graduates have had some of the usual routes to the marketplace closed to them by the pandemic. Yet many have remained impressively innovative in both strategy and product. We call in on seven former students who are kicking on after college.
  • Base lines: In a crowded fashion market, with new seasonal collections clamouring for attention, it can be hard to find simple classics done well, with wardrobe staples often reduced to afterthoughts. That’s where these four brands come in. Meet the pioneers of plain who are cleaning up.
  • Gulf of expectation: The Gulf of Bothnia, a region comprising northeastern Sweden and western Finland, is one of the most vibrant business areas in the Nordics. From green energy to yacht-building, here’s why it’s a region to watch
  • Soft-power dressing: Whether your business requires travel between different climates or the ability to move smoothly from manufacturing sites to board meetings, the need to look smart, approachable and design-savvy remains. So refresh your working wardrobe with these picks from our selection of well-crafted staples, elevated with subtle details. We guarantee the return on investment.