The Entrepreneurs #4

The Entrepreneurs Issue 04
At the front

  • Editor’s letter: Andrew Tuck on the importance of being resilient.
  • Stay sharp: As the world resumes regular service in even the most challenged of commercial corners, we’ve looked across the globe to the businesses that have thrived this past year. Meet the people who have used optimism, creativity and sheer entrepreneurial savvy to get ahead.

Best places to do business

  • Put down a marker: A commitment to independent and artisanal shops and cafés has transformed the South Korean capital’s Seongsu district into a unique retail hub. And it’s here that we start our survey of the best places to do business. From bouncing back in Helsinki to branching out into hospitality in Baja California Sur, these are the cities and regions attracting the ambitious by offering fertile ground for entrepreneurial success. Ready? Let’s go!
  • Industrial revolution: A new era is dawning for a former industrial neighbourhood in the Belgian capital. The canalside Tour & Taxis area is now buzzing with energy as warehouses are redeveloped into cultural, residential and commercial spaces. Is this your business’s new home?
  • Sunny outlook: Entrepreneurs in the US might be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a city in which to set up shop. But established hubs like New York and Chicago can’t compete with the warm embrace of Miami, where start-ups reign. No wonder artists, designers and big-name brands are also moving in.
  • Finnish first: Hoping for a speedy bounce back to business? Or seeking a spot to start your next venture? Helsinki should be top of your list. The secret? It’s clever and conscientious, sure, but its success is wrapped up in its high quality of life.
  • Upwardly mobile: Don’t rule out lesser-celebrated cities as a base for your business. You need room to experiment and expand. And though the capital of Piedmont might have lain in the shadow of Milan, it is now proving to be a bright spot for entrepreneurs.
  • Breakout space: Long overlooked by travellers in favour of the Riviera Maya, the southern half of Mexico’s westernmost peninsula is now luring independent-minded visitors to its relatively untrodden terrain, making it fertile ground for savvy hoteliers.
  • Growth area: Few things determine the success of a start-up as much as location, which dictates its reach and, importantly, access to talent. Take Munich, where new technology firms are partnering with top universities.
  • All is well: Think you need to be in a big city to make a success of your start-up? Get with the times. Remote working and relocation were becoming ever more popular even before the pandemic. And a brainy bunch in a surfing spot 30 minutes from Lisbon are riding the crest of a wave to create a technology hotspot.
  • Boom towns: The world is in flux, with old capitals in decline and new hotspots on the up. So we asked leading figures from the creative and financial industries where they would choose to base a new venture today. Here are the 10 cities that won their vote – from megalopolises such as Mumbai to cosy capitals like Ljubljana – as the best locations in which to launch.
  • Secrets to success: From academia to property development, fashion, hospitality and sport, we’ve tapped some savvy leaders from Hong Kong to Tanzania for their tips on how to do business better, whether you’re starting out, looking to collaborate or changing direction.
  • Working principles: As the world of work reboots after the pandemic, the opportunities for reappraising how we go about our business are manifold. Here six writers and CEOs address key current issues, from flexible hours to physical workplaces and the value of retaining a global outlook.

Culture & Design

  • Screen living: When people tell you that there are no new ideas, don’t listen. Cultural ventures from the US to Asia are proving that combining two pursuits is sound business that’s popular with punters. A cinema-hotel, anyone? Get your popcorn ready.
  • Meeting of minds: You need your staff to be in the office. So how do you prepare for an end to remote working? Vitra CEO Nora Fehlbaum talks privacy, interaction and – God forbid – eating al desko.
  • Learning with no limits: As the world of work changes, the way we study and prepare for it must too. With its revamped site in Stockholm, the Berghs School of Communication has its eye on future-facing education, with a uniquely agile view of what the classroom can be.
  • Kitted out: Have your staff love their office. How? By equipping your workplace with these inspiring appurtenances, meticulously designed with functionality in mind. They will impress potential clients, win deals and help employees to work with brio.
  • Adorn again: It’s time to meet clients and collaborators face to face once more. To look your best, treat yourself to new kit, starting with a natty notebook, a pukka pen and a few choice pieces to refresh your appearance. Here are our accessory picks from sunglasses to lipstick, leather accoutrements and stationery.

Travel & Hospitality

  • Staying power: Adaptability is the key to the long-term success of your company. When travel restrictions brought on a sudden loss of business for Hoshino Resorts, the hotel management firm had to change tack. CEO Yoshiharu Hoshino tells us how it turned a crisis into an opportunity.
  • Come together: Travel restrictions have thrust huge challenges upon hospitality firms over the past year. But they have also offered them time and space for a rethink. And while the Uruguayan resort of José Ignacio has seen a drop in tourist numbers, it is showing how to overcome obstacles: by working in tandem to elevate its offering.


  • Advance to ‘go’: The past 12 months have seen many best-laid plans scuppered and refocused the attention of some onto pursuing jobs they want in industries they admire. Are you game for a change?


  • Back in business: How can you be ahead of the curve? By getting out into the world, using clever kit to remove distractions from your desk and presenting yourself at your best with crisp attire for summer. Let’s go!