The Adventure Handbook #1

Volume 1

The Adventure Handbook is an independent publisher and creative network, brought together by the goal of redefining travel writing and the meaning of ‘adventure’. We team up with our extended family from around the globe to share honest stories grounded in authentic human experiences to inspire people to get out there.

Adventure is not an Extreme Sport

Not much of the world is left untouched, unshared or unliked these days. We need more time for romance, innocence and the accidental. The Adventure Handbook Volume 1 is an effort to prove that there are still discoveries to be had and stories to be told. It’s a testament to the fact that imagery and writing, in the hands of inspired people, can reveal things that are valued beyond the statistics.

Volume 1 features in-depth interviews, photo essays and stories by Håkan Ludwigson, Katrin Koenning, Chiara Goia, David Alan Harvey, Eric Valli, Ying Ang, Antoine Bruy, Kanghee Kim, Benjamin Rasmussen, George Voulgaropoulos, Ché Parker, Akasha Rabut, Ériver Hijano, Alexi Hobbs and more...