Ten #60


In December 10 travelled to Azzedine’s home in Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunisia, to see his final resting place for his memorial service. The sun shone brightly on all the beautiful white buildings with their blue shutters and doors, and the smells and sounds of the sea found their way to this peaceful final resting place for this beautiful man who now lies with his mother under those blue skies, with the sound of the sea moving over the shore below. A place of beauty, of peace, of perfection. Just like him.

On November 18 we lost Azzedine. The shock of it swept like a wave across our world, the disbelief and horror. The information was like a thunderbolt striking you down. We just could not comprehend this reality, would not accept it, how was this possible? We had literally just travelled back from seeing him for his very last interview, in Paris on November 10, during which we had talked about all his plans for the next few weeks and months: the opening of the new store in London, the huge exhibition at the Design Museum and our 20-page feature story, a celebration of his work from over the past 10 seasons. So many plans, so many things to do, so excited, he laughed and cooked one of his legendary suppers in his kitchen for me while we talked about the future.

The biggest personal memories he leaves are full of admiration and love for him. This was a man who did not compromise. He lived in the moment, enjoyed every second. His sense of mischief and fun was such an intrinsic part of his interactions with friends. He has left such an amazing legacy, one filled with total respect for him professionally. He never once compromised his purity, his vision. He created his world without betraying himself creatively; he was fiercely loyal and caring, a man who marched to his own beat always. The world he made was unique in an industry with interchangeable designers and brands. He created a forever land, a place that should be used as a template for all in an ideal world. Unfortunately, this is not the case. He was always a futurist with an unrelenting vision, a true innovator – just an inspirational man whose memory we will cherish forever.