Syrup #3

SYRUP magazine  is a feminist design and print platform. It features the work of artists, writers, illustrators, designers, photographers, and researchers.

'We are open to all: creating a place for like minded people to examine the boundaries between contemporary feminist issues and creative practices.'

The POWER issue:

This issue explores power in all its facets: what does it mean to hold, wield, use & explore? From the strength of community to the brilliance of a good playlist; fuck boys to utopias; find it all in issue 3.

140 full colour pages


Adaptive Capacity / Alex Qin /
Alice Briselden-Waters / Alice Soulard /
Eden Topall-Rabanes / Em Cole / Grace Crannis
Takeover by Fresh Magazine / Hannah Brewin / Hanna Schrage /
Hart Club / Jenny Novitsky / Karel Kingsley / Lucy Hall /
Parbati Chaudhury / Protest Press /
Take Me Home Projects / Violet Del Toro /
Whiskey Chow / Xiao-Wei Lu