SWIM #03

SWIM is a London based annual art publication. Each issue is the result of a close collaboration with artists working towards a specific investigative theme.

Through the design, format and structure, SWIM aims to challenge magazine conventions.

Issue 03 explores how and why artists change mediums. From photographs by painters to paintings by musicians, this issue showcases work that signifies a shift in an artist’s practice. It also ventures deeper into the subject of the medium, investigating topics such as how mediums change over time, how one can be used to imitate and create another, and how the medium affects the message.

To correspond with the issue’s theme, the cover has been hand painted and screen printed, changing the medium through which a magazine cover is normally created. This means that each copy will be totally unique and will differ slightly from the design shown here.

Contributors: Amy Bessone, Andrew Hunt, Apolonia Sokol, Carmen Winant, Charlie Ratcliffe, Christian Newell, Devendra Banhart, Devioy Strother, Fraser Muggeridge, Ian T Miller, Izabela Anna Moren, Jannis Varelas, Joao Gabriel, John Lurie, Joy Miessi, Juliana Futter, Juliet Perry, Krystof Witold, Marvin Leuvrey, Mattea Perrotta, Matthew Raw, Richard Ayodeji, Richard Woods, Taylor Silk, Thierry Noir, Tinka Bechert, Yuko Obe, Yushi Lin Tr