Sunrise Wake Up Alarm Clock Nightlight

Mooas comes from ‘mooa’ the Korean word for the beautiful people shining like the morning rainbow.

With "Smart & Simple" as a slogan, Mooas is a business that designs, manufactures and sells home decoration items, small appliances and mobile accessories in high quality and excellent design.

Wake-up light with sunrise effect, nightlight for sleep, & refreshing wake-up alarm with various nature sounds.

Multiple usage: reading lamp, mood light, feeding light, nightlight.

Moodlight in two modes: single-color mode & multi-color mode
Single-color: Warm white moodlight with brightness adjustable in 3 levels.
Multi-color: Moodlight with 5 different colors and auto color change mode 10min / 30min / 60min nightlight timer.

  • Ideal for various occasions: Can be used as a reading light, nightlight and feeding light.
  • Touch sensor button: Easy to use with a touch button on top. Adjust the nightlight brightness or nightlight color with a simple tap.
  • Nightlight timer: Set nightlight timer in 10 min, 30 min or 60 min. When the nightlight timer is set, the brightness gets slowly darker and nightlight turns off automatically when the time is up. So, there is no need to worry about the disturbance caused while sleeping.
  • Two nightlight modes: Nightlight mode available in single-color mode and multi-color mode. In single-color mode, the nightlight brightness can be adjusted in 3 levels and offers relaxing mood with warm white light. In multi-color mode, the nightlight is available in 5 colors in red, blue, green, purple, yellow and auto color change.
  • Sunrise nightlight alarm: The nightlight that gets slowly brighter from 30 minutes before the alarm helps you to wake up naturally. The light reduces melatonin, a sleep hormone, and helps to wake up.
  • Includes 7 natural alarm sounds: Start your day fresh with 7 alarm sounds from the nature. The 7 natural alarm sounds include birds chirping, water flowing, raindrops, wave and bell sound.
  • Alarm and Snooze: Supports both alarm and snooze. When the alarm rings, the alarm sound slowly gets louder and press any button to turn off the alarm. If no buttons are pressed when the alarm rings, snooze is automatically set. Snooze interval is 5 minutes and deactivates after repeating once.
  • Simple and elegant design: Elegant and luxurious design with a nightlight in a dome cover. Ideal as a home decoration when not in use.

Material : ABS, PC, PP
Weight : 288g (Excluding cable)
Size : Ø106 x 151 mm (D x H)
Power : DC USB cable (Included)
Rated Input : 5V 1APower consumption : 3W in max
Components : Sunrise Wake Up Alarm Clock Moodlight, DC USB cable (1A), Manual