Suitcase #27

SUITCASE Magazine is a publication that is re-imagining the role of the travel magazine. Saying goodbye to the impossibly luxurious and the underwhelming tourist clichés, and embracing the eclectic and adventurous appetite of a generation of creatives and entrepreneurs, SUITCASE exists to change the way you travel.


Chile - Colombia - Dublin - Greek Islands - Lagos - Paris

Whether we're inspired by the words of others or forging our own, the act of travel allows us to inhabit different characters, timelines and narratives. Our summer issue is filled with pilgrimages to Gabriel Gárcia Marquéz’s Colombia, Pablo Neruda’s Patagonia and the islands of Homer’s Odyssey; explorations of the literary cities of Paris and Dublin; and pieces by novelists, poets and authors including Elizabeth Day, Yrsa Daley-Ward and Otegha Uwagba.

The writer on the road has become something of a cliché (surely the direst fate that could befall any creative soul) – a starry-eyed wanderer with a faithfully dog-eared Moleskine tucked in their backpack, criss-crossed with sketches and dashed-down observations, crumpled train tickets peeking out from between the pages. We’ve probably all had the misfortune of crossing paths with such an “artiste” on our travels – if we’re really unlucky, paired with an acoustic guitar and a propensity for over-sharing.

With the words of those who have gone before us whispering in our ears, the halcyon haze of the summer months is a time to check out from our everyday routines, indulge our fantasies and try on new identities, whether that means following in the footsteps of our literary heroes and heroines or making an impression of our own.