SSAW #13

SSAW Spring Summer 2018

SSAW is a Helsinki-based biannual fashion and culture magazine that brings together the best of Finnish and international talent. They strive to make something more than just another style magazine as each edition of SSAW is a lovingly crafted collection of all things we find dear, relevant and genuine in fashion, art and culture.

The raw and paired down aesthetics are deliberately at-odds with the overtly polished and digitally manipulated imagery that surrounds us today. Making SSAW something that is both real and exciting.

Visually arresting editorials and captivating articles and interviews produced by a team of international contributors make SSAW a collectible, something you want to return to and keep forever.

Besides contributions and fashionable photo essays by Philip Messmann, Marcus Ohlsson, Benny Horne, Benjamin Vnuk, and Boo George, the magazine is interspersed with paintings by Marion Jaklin, art by Maciek Kobielski, and writings by Dorothea Barth Jörgensen.