Social Distancing Ruler

Send COVID-19 packing with this HM Grovelment approved SOCIAL DISTANCING RULER.

Engineered from world-beating science: maxi-length cord with easy-grip tips is designed for your optimal personal protection.

Guaranteed to provide one metre plus of spacing.

Can be adjusted to any length should public health policy abruptly change or to accommodate for all reasonable excuses such as eyesight tests or visits to historic castles.

Simply slide the beads to a desired length (default length measures approximately two metres with a conveniently placed 'one metre' marker in the middle) and secure with a knot. Each party holds one bead and steps back until the cord pulls taught. This now defines your minimum safe distance for social interaction.

Pack includes a double-sided postcard print and two wooden beads threaded with two metres of waxed cord, all neatly sealed inside a hygienic cellophane bag.