John Berger (Author), Selçuk Demirel (Illustrator)

The great John Berger, art critic, novelist and long-time smoker, joins forces again with Turkish writer and illustrator Selçuk Demirel in an unexpected pictorial essay.

‘Once upon a time, men, women and (secretly) children smoked.’

This charming pictorial essay reflects on the cultural implications of smoking, and suggests, through a series of brilliantly inventive illustrations, that society’s attitude to smoke is both paradoxical and intolerant. It portrays a world in which smokers, banished from public places, must encounter one another as outlaws. Meanwhile, car exhausts and factory chimneys continue to pollute the atmosphere. Smoke is a beautifully illustrated prose poem that lingers in the mind.

Sadly John Berger died on 2nd January 2017

"We will always miss John. I lost a great friend and we lost an immense writer and poet. I regret that he cannot see our little book Smoke in the English edition" - Selçuk Demirel

Hardcover, 70 pages
Published by Notting Hill Editions Trade (March 2017)
ISBN 9781910749470
12 x 0.9 x 19 cm