Sloft #4

Sloft is a magazine about architecture, design and decoration with a specific focus on compact interiors. We promote a vision of a more sustainable city, more accessible and nicer. We believe that architecture is an answer to rethink urban life and address the challenges it faces: pollution, stress, and increasing cost of living, noise, etc.

In this fourth bilingual issue:
We take you to Paris and the Parisian region to smell, through their inhabitants, the reinvention of some of its vibrant bordering towns in full creative boiling like in Saint-Denis and Aubervilliers. Then we take a breath of fresh air with the family in Chamonix before teleporting (as little plane as possible at Sloft) to Madrid and as far as Tokyo! We offer a selection of interiors that reflect the personalities that inhabit them and each of which provides a unique response to the constraints and imponderables of urban life and its escapes. Exciting.

We take advantage of our selection to question the place of nature in the city and the relationship we weave with it. A relationship "outside the city" for those who can afford a vacation or "in the city" with interiors that give it an increasingly substantial place with inhabited areas sometimes smaller than green areas. The beginning of a reversal of a balance of power? Our special file interviews many specialists to analyze how the role of nature in our cities tends to evolve and how it can be a solution to make them livable sustainably.

We finally invite ourselves to three creators and creators. At Ana Xenia, designer, who unveils an interior that is both accessible, creative and meticulous like the fashion accessories she fashions. At Eliott Paquet, artist, who reveals his amazing 3-in-1 place in Aubervilliers, combining a production workshop, an exhibition space and a beautiful apartment. And finally Kenny Dunkan, artist, who welcomes us to his splendid apartment-gallery for an XXL interview, on the scale of his energy and his desires.