Sirene #6

Featured articles:

The Ocean by Bike. 4500 kilometers along the wild southern Australian coast. By bike. Che Chorley, an Australian photographer, hits the road in search of those emotions that you can only experience where land and sea meet.

Tupira, Papua New Guinea. A community proud of its own traditions, two outstanding shapers and some wooden surfboards. Just enough for a small village on the Pacific Ocean to stay apart from the world of plastic.

Nathanael Herreshoff. Ask anyone with even a sketchy grip on the history of American yachting who America’s preeminent designer was and the answer will invariably come back: Nathanael Herreshoff.

Surfing the New Moon. Where Asia ends and Oceania hasn’t yet begun, on board the Bulan Baru, a 21-meter-long wooden phinisi schooner, we are chasing the perfect wave. The uncontaminated one that lies outside the predictable charted courses. The one that’s really worth going after.

Deep Gaze. It doesn’t matter if they see in black and white, while we see in color. Whether they swim in their natural environment, while we almost do. Next to them, we are tiny. When you come eye-to-eye with a whale, all differences disappear and only you and she are there.

Suomenlinna. A fortress in a sea of islands. Off the coast of Helsinki, the island’s dry dock is flooded and opened to take care of historic Baltic boats. A ritual that has happened every year for 300 years.

The Sea Inside: Max Sirena. Exchange a few words with Max and it seems like you have known him forever. Then again, if you try to put him into a category, you always feel like you have missed something.

The Winds of the Soul. There are places where winds shape geography and shake souls.

Lewis’s Sense of the Ocean. For Lewis Pugh, enduring the cold is not a finish line but a beginning. Facing the coldest waters on the planet is his way of fighting for the ocean.

Black Water. Killen Falls, Australia: the jungle, a river, a waterfall. To reemerge is like being reborn. As-yet unreleased images by photographer Morgan Maassen, world known for his stunning surf imagery.

32x23.8 cm / 116 pages / printed on paper made from recycled algae.