Shoplifters #9 Drawings

Shoplifters is a bi-annual publication featuring the work of contemporary artists, photographers, designers, illustrators etc,. Shoplifters doesn’t have a single identity, it’s size, paper, typography, and tone changes each time it’s published.

Shoplifters Issue 9: DRAWINGS is a 536 page, alphabetically organized, directory of artists who draw AND their drawings.

The work has been beautifully reproduced using fluorescent inks as a replacement for cyan, magenta, and yellow, giving these drawings the vibrance and saturation of the original pieces (and sometimes a little extra B-)).

Raisa Álava, Cynthia Alfonso, Bráulio Amado, Jordan Awan, Molly Bounds, Jee-ook Choi, Sungmin Choi, Juliána Chomova, Pol-Edouard, Son Eunkyoung, Kyle Field, Milton Glaser, Gabby Gonzales, Adam Higton, Masanao Hirayama, Rachel Howe, Aaron Jupin, Ken Kagami, Franz Lang, Jane Lee, Soljee lee, Stefanie Leinhos, Allan Ludwig, Leo Macdonald Oulds, Korey Martin, Lilian Martinez, Stefan Marx, Geoff McFetridge, C.W. Moss, Samuel Nyholm (SANY), Jeremy Pettis, Alice Piaggo, Jacob Rochester, Alva Skog, Sean Suchara, Lisa Vaccino, Alice Wietzel, Li Ya Wen, Kurt Woerpel, Jannis Zell