She magazine #03

London based independent magazine SHE. 'Shameless accounts of the female human experience.' are back with their third issue, Gender Fluidity.

Packaged Things, Humans Labelled

Tara Dartnell
A personal reflection on society's obsession with labels. And how gender shouldn't
matter, we're all just human.

Tales of the Taboo
Regular feature of short stories contributed by humans from across the globe. Witty, honest, sexy, and relatable.

Interview: Ammarin
Stephie Devred
Ammarin talks about being a gay man who likes wearing dresses in Thailand.

Swollen Armpits
Nora Nord
Poem and love letters from the cover photographer, on breaking up with a long term boyfriend upon realising her love for another woman.

Gordon Torr
'Sexit is the Brexit of sexual identity.' An article discussing gender politics. 

Secret Diaries of a Cross-Dresser
Feature Article about the challenges of being a husband and father who has a secret life as a cross-dresser...

"Gender should be about what makes the individual happy."