Self-Service #52

Self Service magazine is a Paris-based fashion and culture biannual.

Self Service No. 52 'On Beauty and Character' Spring Summer 2020.


Photography by Marianne Chemetov, Bryan Liston, Ezra Petronio, Daniel Sannwald, and Drew Vickers. Styling by Camille Biodaule Waddington, Charlotte Collet, Elodie David Touboul, and Malina Joseph Gilchrist.

Interviews and writing by Jose Manuel Albesa, Daniela Andrier, Augustus Bader, Victoria Beckham, Sophie Carbonari, Joelle Ciocco, John Demsey, Nancy Etcoff, Tata Harper, Adrian Joffe, Susanne Kaufmann Thomas De Kluyver, Sam McKnight, Arabelle Sicardi, and Rose-Maris Swift. 

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