Scandinavian MAN #1

In Scandinavian Man, we cover the diverse and global world of Scandinavian fashion. From the forward thinking designers that moves Paris, to the contemporary tailoring companies who dress the modern professional, to the utility— brands that puts form and -function to our outdoor experiences.

Our cover stories are a celebration of our contemporary Scandinavian heroes. In-depth portraits of Scandinavian men with extraordinary global accomplishments. From fashion designers to fine dining chefs, from actors to architects, from entrepreneurs to engineers, royalties to self-made men – we get up close and personal.

Historical icons
The history is full of Scandinavians who has put a defining and permanent mark on our culture. We go back and tell their stories, and even meet the legendary men behind the achievements.

In-depth stories about all the fields in which Scandinavian’s excel: fashion, culture, design, technology, sustainability, equality, music, movies, food, and outdoor living.

City guides
In our city guides, we focus on the most exciting menswear in the world, but we also give a perspective on travel and global cities that is uniquely Scandinavian. Health, sustainability and style, are the criteria we value the most.

What does the Scandinavian man look like? Through our wide network of streetstyle -photographers, we give endless inspiration from the most well dressed men on the planet.