Satori #3

SATORI is about creating a platform where inspiring words and images can live. A community where people who may have different religious beliefs, scholarly pursuits or cultural backgrounds can come together and share in their love for thought provoking content and stimulating artwork.

The original idea for SATORI was born out of personal experiences with depression and anxiety in both of our lives. Like many before us these experiences led us to seek out and devour countless books, articles and talks ranging from self help to Buddhism, science to philosophy and even fiction – and over the years we became fascinated by how strongly words can resonate with a reader, how a paragraph, sentence or simply a few key words can leap off the page and instantly change the way you think and how you interpret the world around you.

The production of issue one has been a labour of love and we are honoured to have received so much support from so many great writers and artists, none of whom have been paid for their time – but have chosen to be involved because they believe the project. To honour their selflessness and generosity, and the original inspiration behind SATORI, we have pledged that a 100% of all proceeds will be donated to the charities TheCalmZone.net and TheMeditationTrust.com.* Please visit their websites for more information and thank you for your support.

Issue #3: The Issue of Aesthetics

The Issue of Aesthetics, features over 100 pages of original content from acclaimed writers including Pico Iyer, BJ Miller, Lawrence Torcello, Parneet Pal, David Griffin and Ken Hollings and an amazing selection of art and photography from Vicken Parsons, Sam Copeland, Olivia Estebanez and Evan D’Arpino to name but a few.