Rough Stuff Cycling in the Alps

Rough Stuff Cycling in the Alps is the original guide to adventuring by bike in the Alps, reprinted with stunning vintage photography.
Compiled by Fred Wright from years adventuring on the gravel roads, dirt tracks and footpaths of the Alps, and the accounts of other pioneers of 'rough stuff' riding. Gravel biking before gravel bikes – even mountain biking before mountain bikes in some cases.

Originally published in a very limited edition in 2002 and now impossible to find. Reprinted with new design and layout, beautiful finishing, maps and two extended colour photo sections of Fred's pictures.

More than 300 routes ranging from easy tracks at barely 1,000m to steep footpaths and glacier crossings at over 3,000m. An invaluable practical guide and inspiration for gravel adventures, from the Swiss and French Alps to the Italian Dolomites and Austrian Tirol.

Published by Isola Press, 160 pgs, 24 × 17 cm, Softcover