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You might recognise rising sci-fi star Clara Rugaard from her leading role as Daughter in Netflix’s hit thriller, I Am Mother - now, the Danish actress is again taking the lead in Sky TV’s newest thriller series, The Rising.

She plays Neve Kelly, who has died but continues to exist in a liminal purgatory space - when she discovers that she was murdered it is up to her to solve the mystery of her own death. Rugaard’s knack for portraying an autonomous, sharp-witted protagonist who must rely on her own smarts to save herself is unrivalled, and especially refreshing when we are all so used to the trope of “helpless woman saved by macho knight in shining armour” (and that’s when there is a woman in the lead at all - “Superpowering Women” concluded that 97 percent of the last 10 years’ sci-fi films were helmed by men.)

The 365 Days Netflix film trilogy has been likened to the new Fifty Shades of Grey, and it’s easy to see why. When the first steamy film was released on Netflix in 2020, it quickly gained worldwide attention, becoming the most watched item in countries all around the world, including the United States. Simone Susinna plays a lead role in the second film, 365 Days: This Day: as Nacho the gardener he is a rival for the heroine’s affections.

We sat down with the Italian model and actor to learn more about the film, how he relates to Nacho, and what was most challenging about the role.

When 15-year-old Austin Mahone started posting clips of himself singing cover songs on YouTube back in 2010, it didn’t take long for him to get noticed. By 2011 he had a huge online fan base, and the following year he was signed to Chase/Universal Republic Records, releasing singles like “11:11” and “Say You’re Just a Friend”. After a steady stream of singles and EPs, he released his debut album in 2016.

That was his last album - but for the past three years Mahone has been working hard on another one - and, as he tells Rollacoaster, this one is “more mature, more real. This album is just the most authentic to me. I haven't put out a project this real, ever. It's really just me taking it back to my roots, and telling the world where I came from and what I'm about. And then just giving them that more mature side that they haven't heard yet. Obviously I've grown up in the last four or five years, but nobody really knows me like that yet. Everybody will be getting to know me through this album.”

When Victoria Magrath launched her fashion blog Inthefrow in 2012, during the early days of Instagram, she was still a student completing her fashion PhD. Today, ten years on, Inthefrow continues to reign as the top rated fashion blog in the U.K. Split into a collective set of social channels, Magrath now has a follower reach of 2.6 million, a number one bestseller with The New Fashion Rules, and campaigns with luxury brands from Bulgari to Armani Beauty under her belt. Long gone is the divide between fashion editors and bloggers that used to exist at shows - the industry and internet have evolved and changed each other - but throughout all these changes, Magrath has remained at the forefront of the fashion blogging space.

Victoria sat down with Rollacoaster to discuss the secret to true confidence, how she thinks the internet is going to continue to change in the next few years and the biggest misconception about her career.